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  1. NLBorrelaar
    • CommentAuthorST
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2015
    I'm hoping to selling my print by the Dutch artist Karel Appel, "Woman with Bird," but surprised to find that NYC art dealers have no interest in Appel, even though he's been a prominent artist.

    Does anyone have any suggestions - preferably more or less in the New York area - for anyone who knows and appreciates Appel's work?
  2. NLBorrelaar
    Hey ST,

    Give it a try at these FB-pages:

    - : our own FB-page but more people tend to look at that because of the platform.
    - : Dutch NYC, the founder is a friend of ours,a group not so much focused on "borrelen" and therefor you would be able to reach a broader group of people.

    Nothing beats a failure but a try ! Good luck !

  3. NLBorrelaar
    • CommentAuthorST
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2015
    Thank you so much - but unfortunately I'm not on Facebook!

    Would you happen to have the right person's name and/or telephone number? Or an email address? Or does the group have a telephone number for their home base?
  4. NLBorrelaar
    • CommentAuthorNLBorrelsWW
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2015 edited
    Hey ST,

    Unfortunately I can't just simply give you info on email addresses or phone numbers. You can shoot me an email at with your contact info and I can relay that to the people/facebook owners I mentioned.
    Or I can post your message above but without some contact info it really wouldn't make any sense.
    Or, of course, you can set up a FB account yourself and post it yourself through the links I gave you .... sometimes you have to do something to get things done !

    Good Luck, Pieter

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