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  1. NLBorrelaar
    After his exciting and unforgettable debut last year

    to celebrate his birthday together with the boys and girls of every age!

    The 'Goedheiligman' (Good Holy Man) will be arriving in person in Hereford, AZ on Sunday December 1, shortly after 1:00 PM to meet with all of us. See venue information on the left.

    Rumors have it that he will be bringing lots and lots of presents, typical Sinterklaas candy and some delicious Dutch treats!! There will be Sinterklaas music, food, drinks, games and other fun activities!

    Since December 1 is only a few weeks away, we need to make sure we are all prepared for Sinterklaas so that the Goedheiligman knows how many boys and girls are coming and how much he needs to bring!

    So here is what you need to do if you plan on personally meeting Sinterklaas on December 1st:


    TICKETS: You must buy Sinterklaas ticket(s) in advance on-line. It's secure, fast and convenient. No ticket sales at the event!

    Early Bird Registration! Tickets are $7 per person until 17 November. AFTER THAT DATE, THE PRICE IS $10 PER PERSON!
    - Children under 2 years are free)
    - We are using PayPal for payment services. You can simply use your credit/debit card to pay. No PayPal membership required!
    - You will receive an email confirmation. No tickets will be mailed.
    - This event is for people of all ages!
    - Be sure to select the correct age(s) when ordering your tickets, so Sint knows in advance how many people in the various age groups are coming!
    Register Now!

    SINTERKLAAS GIFT: Bring one gift for another person (men buy a man's gift, ladies buy a female's gift), not to exceed $10. Clearly mark your gift-wrapped with a "M" or "F" so Sinterklaas knows!

    POTLUCK: The event will start off with a potluck lunch. Email Arno & Colleen Zandbergen as to what to bring:


    - If you bring one or more small children, you can buy each child a gift-wrapped present, not to exceed $20 per gift per child
    - Bring it to the event and hand it to one of the Sinterklaas Committee members upon arrival
    - Be sure to clearly mark the child's name and age on the present.
    - Sinterklaas will personally hand this gift to your child with a few nice (and, if necessary, mildly corrective :-) things to say
    Make sure you email the text you would like Sinterklaas to read to your child from his Big Book to Els de Kok at

    RAFFLE TICKETS AT THE SINTERKLAAS PARTY: There will be raffle tickets for sale at the event. The winner will receive a wonderful Sinterklaas basket with all kinds of goodies! The proceeds go towards future NLBorrels Tucson events, bitterballen, etc.

    We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the Sinterklaas party!

    Register before November 17 to secure the 'early bird' registration fee of $7.00. After that date the ticket price is $10.00!

    Any questions, please email

    With warmest regards,

    The 2013 Sinterklaas Committee

    Jessica van der Lede (Chair)
    Els de Kok
    Colleen Zandbergen
    Arno Zandbergen
    Margie Bowman
    Yolande Adriaanse
    Arnold Adriaanse

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