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  1. NLBorrelaar
    hello, dear borrelaars!

    My name is Richard, and i'm still living in the Netherlands where i was born and raised.
    Since a decent while now, i've been in a relationship with a girl from Latvia. Hence, i'm considering moving there, or having her move here, or for all i care we can move somewhere else altogether, together ^_^

    But for simplicities' sake, lets assume me to Latvia or her to the Netherlands.

    I was wondering if this would be a good place to garner information of things to look out for, things that need to be taken care of before setting up a move etc. I have no idea at all what migration entails, withing the EU, though i consider us lucky Latvia even is part of the EU in the first place, probably making life a little easier.

    To give a small idea of our current status: i am 22, she is 20 (21 in a month since this posting).
    I have a diploma as a chemist, working in laboratories, but currently work making ventilation grids (, look for natuurlijke ventilatie, if you're interested). I dont have a drivers license. Starting a home study course to learn Latvian this week
    She just went back to school, actually starting the monday following this posting. She will be studying languages, to perform work as an interpreter in the future. She doesn't mind where that will be, long as the job is good. Of course, the lingual diversity (she already speaks 4 languages, including her own..or more, im not least 4!) will give her a good edge in finding work abroad. She has a small job on e side, paying for everything that needs paying, but its unschooled work. Doesnt have a drivers license. Does have some experience in cosmetics, having followed an education for that partway.

    As you all can see, it will be several years before we can actually move. However, i believe the sooner to prepare the better. So any help and information in any way at all would be very welcome!

    If more information is required, i'd be glad to help. Thanks for anything you can do!

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